Platters for Meetings

CLASSIC SANDWICH PLATTER small serves 2-4 /large serves 5-8 Selection of classic Morton’s sandwiches on a selection of breads/rolls/wraps. We also have a selection of gluten free bread options available on request. Choose from: ham and cheese, chicken salad, turkey, BLT. €20 /€40
SANDWICH PLATTERS the old fashioned way small serves 2-4 /large serves 5-8. Selection of simple sandwiches using freshly baked brown and white sliced bread. Sandwiches can be cut according to your wishes with or without crusts - and are arranged on platters. Choose from: egg & chive mayonnaise, salmon & dill, ham & cheese, cucumber & chive. €20 /€40
GOURMET SANDWICH PLATTER small serves 2-4 /large serves 5-8 Selection of gourmet Morton’s sandwiches on a selection of breads/rolls/wraps. Choose from our sandwich selection below: €25 /€45
THE DUBLINER Home-baked ham, coleslaw, red cheddar cheese, Ballymaloe relish, red onion, lettuce leaves
THE BEEFER Roast beef, coleslaw, Ballymaloe relish, red onion, mixed lettuce leaves
THE MOROCCAN Smoked chicken, hummus, couscous, mixed lettuce leaves
THE NEW YORKER Pastrami, cream cheese, English mustard, gherkins, red onion marmalade, lettuce leaves
THE CLUB Chicken, bacon, Brie cheese, Ballymaloe relish, tomato, red onion
THE PLAIN JANE Home-baked ham, chicken, red cheddar cheese, tomato, mayo, mixed lettuce leaves
THE VEGGIE (v, vg) Hummus, grated carrot, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, semi-sundried tomatoes, mixed lettuce leaves
THE CLASSIC Irish smoked salmon, guacamole, cream cheese, black pepper, lemon juice, mixed lettuce leaves
THE GREEN GODDESS (v) Goat's cheese, mozzarella, avocado, basil pesto, spinach leaves
THE CAESAR Chicken, Caesar mayo, bacon, Parmesan cheese shavings, mixed lettuce leaves
THE ANDALUZ Spanish chorizo, goat’s cheese, semi-sundried tomatoes, green olives, rocket, garlic mayo
LARGE SALAD PLATTER serves up to 8 people. Selection of 4 freshly prepared salads (500g of each) €35
Cajun chicken salad wf €5.95
Caesar chicken salad €5.95
Low fat salmon & broccoli salad wf, gf €5.95
Paleo chicken salad wf, gf, df €4.95
Classic Cobb salad wf, gf, df €4.95
Spiced chicken & penne pasta salad €4.95
Lemon chicken, avocado, pomegranate €4.95
VEGETARIAN MEZZA SELECTION v, wf, gf med serves 6 /lge serves 10 Hummus, smoked aubergine paté, Toons Bridge mozzarella, semi-sundried tomato pesto, whipped feta, crudités, breads (gluten free available) 25 /€40
ANTIPASTI PLATTER med serves 6 /lge serves 10 Cured meats, olives, semi-sundried tomatoes, Toons Bridge boccincini mozzarella, marinated grilled vegetables, breads (gluten free available) €35 /€65
TRADITIONAL MEAT PLATTER serves 6-8. Selection of Mortons freshly cooked meats - ham, turkey, chicken, beef, Ballymaloe relish, wholegrain mustard €39.50
THE ARTISAN CHEESEBOARD v, wf, gf med /lge A selection of seasonal Irish & contintental cheeses arranged and presented on a platter with crackers (gluten free available), quince and grapes €39.50 /€65
SUSHI PLATTERS Available from our partner Oishii Sushi, check out the menu HERE
DIEP NOODLE BAR In store concession offer lunch specials each day, check out the menu in store.
Classic quiche Lorraine, lardons and gruyère cheese
Roast Mediterranean vegetable & Parmesan v
Ruby chard, pear, walnut and Cashel blue v
Salmon, leek, dill and cream cheese
Cherry tomato, bacon & three cheese
Italian sundried tomato, Toons Bridge boccincini mozzarella v
GOURMET DESSERT PLATTER med serves 4-6 /lge serves 8-10 The finest selection of our fresh baked cookies, brownies and dessert bars, served with whipped cream and garnished with seasonal berries €25 /€40
MORTON’S PARTY PLATTER med serves 6-8 /lge serves 12-14 Selection of Morton’s homemade party cookies, bars & marshmallow hats €20 /€30
GLUTEN FREE OPTION Morton's salted caramel brownies are available to order for a delicious gluten free alternative
CAKE SELECTION Morton's offers a wide range of our in-house cakes, for any small or large events. Click here and check out our delicious offerings.
v - vegetarian; (vg) - vegan; (df) - dairy free; (gf) - gluten free; (wf) - wheat free

We are here to help, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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